NoBug is an expert digital design verification company that masters a full range of technologies (functional, formal, and assertion-based) with a variety of tools (Specman, RuleBase, Vera, SystemVerilog, Verilog-PLI/C).

Since its inception, NoBug has been completely dedicated to providing high-quality services that far exceed our clients' expectations. Many of our clients recognize the unique advantage derived from allowing us to provide them with superior level of services and value.

What began as a small microelectronics consulting firm has grown, through a dynamic transition, into a full services and consultancy supplier providing complete solutions for the multimedia, telecommunications, networking and computer industries.

Through flexibility and quick response to a changing industry, NoBug proved to be a positively thinking, innovative and progressive supplier for its clients.

NoBug's goal is to establish strategic alliances designed to help deliver a client-centric, total solutions approach to solving problems, exploiting business opportunities and creating sustainable competitive advantage for the client.